L.B. Early 50's ( Nirvana mood enhancing system + X39) Deep depressive feelings.

Day 2 - I started the patches / tablets at around 8am . I already feel less pressure in my forehead and I feel like I can face the day a bit better instead of feeling like a huge dark cloud hanging over me and such an enormous sense of dread when thinking about doing daily tasks.

Day 3 - On Sunday I forget to take the supplement seaweed tablets ( Nirvana MES) and I could definitely feel a difference.
I did not feel depressed but I did not feel as good as when I had taken the tablets. Yesterday, I took the tablets, and I felt much
better. Things are less overwhelming. I do not sense so much dread of the thought of having to complete tasks.
And there is just more hope. So the additional supplement definitely helps me.

Day 4 - I can feel a difference within about an hour of starting the two patches and the tablets. Like, in the morning,
I don't want to get up and I dread facing the day. Then after taking, the two patches and the supplement, I feel like I can approach the day.

Day 5 - I am continuing to do well. It's amazing. I wake up with dread for the day and within an hour of taking patches/tablets,
I feel motivated. Yesterday I had to tackle several tasks. Instead of putting it off, I perservered and finally remembered the
combination. I had do some other tasks that formerly were so overwhelming that I would just put them off over & over & over
again. Yet, I didnt put them off. I DID them!. I know that sounds ridiculous, but life was THAT overwhelming to me.
Today, I sat down, drafted an important letter with great clarity of thought, and sent it.
Normally that would have not happened! I continued with other tasks that normally I would just not do. :)

Day 6 - This morning when I grabbed that 3 ring binder, Its been on my mind these last few weeks how important that I get her started on that but the dread at the thought of opening that binder up to explore how it works was just too strong a sense of dread. However, this morning, when I saw that binder next to the others, I simply grabbed it and I started the process of figuring out how to 'start' it by simply looking up the email about it which was dated all the way back to July( I bought it back in July with the plan to get it started THEN.
Oh well, its a start now! I started both my kids on X39, I remain hopeful :)

Day 14 - I feel great, getting the daily chores done, house clean, kids happy & Mom is happy :)

Amy C mid-60s (1 month on X39)

“The most noticeable thing that happened so far is my skin tag on my leg went away. It was just gone one day and it was really annoying, so that was great. Next I noticed my energy level and mental sharpness and thinking was so much better. Work isn’t as much of a struggle as it’s been the last two years as I was always very tired. My third thing I noticed is my pores on my skin seem smaller than before. It’s subtle but I can tell a very slight difference. Also the tummy patches definitely helped get rid of some of my extra fat around my waist. I only did it for one week and noticed a difference after 3 days! It’s only been a month, so I hopefully will see more changes soon. Thanks again for your bringing these patches to my attention! I’m excited to see if my leg can heal completely. It’s still not 100% but definitely getting better slowly. “

(2 months on X39) “I'm super impressed with the X39 patches as my hair is growing faster and thicker than before, especially my eyelashes! It's an exciting change! Also, I just tried the Ice Wave patch for pain and it was an immediate improvement!”

(After 2 weeks of adding X49 and Glutathione)
“I'm now using the X39, the X49, and the Glutathione patches regularly and do see an improvement in my energy and focus.
The healing of my leg is a slow process. The Ice Wave patches however immediately helped with the pain. I can't believe how quickly it worked!”

Lynn R early 70’s (Knee replacement)

“The doctor and physical therapist say my knee is healing about 2 weeks ahead of most patients at this stage out “

Barbara S. early 70’s

(3 days on X39)
“My neck and hips are looser than they’ve been in a long time. Even my husband noticed while rubbing my neck and shoulders.” “I got a headache in the morning, and the Icewave patches took it away in 20 minutes. That afternoon I put the same patches across my lower back and 20 minutes later that pain was gone too!”

(2 weeks on X39)
“My cravings for chocolate have been cut, probably sweets in general. I have a red scar near my ankle. It used to be the width of my little finger and half the length, but I recently noticed it’s 1/3 the width now!”

(1 month on X39)
“I forgot to put on my patch today and did notice an energy drop”

(6 weeks on X39)
“My massage therapist said my skin is softer and muscles not nearly as tight, so it’s easier for her to work on me.”

T.N. 85 year old woman- (5 weeks on X39)

“I was very busy and walked a lot more than usual and I didn’t have any hip pain, nor was I overly tired!”

Jill C. early 60’s- (10 days on X39 & Aeon)

“I’ve noticed less inflammation in my hands, better mental clarity, and more energy. Even though I haven’t played tennis in several days, I felt much more flexibility in my training/exercise class which is very encouraging!” (1 month on X39, Aeon) “I played tennis last week and was able to move so much better! I could tell a significant difference! The inflammation in my hands and feet is better as well.” (2 ½ months on X39 & Aeon, added X49 & Glutathione about 1 month after initial start) “My recovery time has been cut drastically! Moving better and better.”

Kathy M. late 60’s- (Icewave result)

"I’ve had stabbing pains in my back at night when I roll over in bed. The Icewave patches completely took away the pain!”

Kristen W. early 40s (1 month on X39 + X49)

“I have lost 5 pounds in my inner things and stomach in the last month!”

Stepanka H. mid 40’s

“I was diagnosed with a virus inside my left ear, which affected my mobility and I couldn’t sit, stand, walk, drive, or eat as I had vertigo 24/7 for 6 months. Doctors were giving me steroids and other drugs, saying “just live with it”. Trust me, I have a high tolerance for pain, but still couldn’t walk, sit, drive, stand as I was not able to keep my balance." "In one week of usage I lost the seashell sound in my ear. My mobility got better every day, and after 1 month on X39 I was able to walk without anyone’s help, drive, sit, and also start hitting tennis balls again. Something that wasn’t possible for 11 months. I have been using X39 for 3 months now. I am very grateful I learned about this patch. I wouldn’t be where I am currently am without it. I don’t ever leave the house without my patch as it is amazing to feel good, even great, and be able to do regular things again. Thank you for inventing this product so that regular people like me have access and control over their body.”

Tom H. mid-50’s

“I've been wearing the patches and in the beginning didn't feel too much difference (or side effects) but now I am starting to see that I am not as tired (I played three sets and felt really good!) and my achy body isn't as achy, so it's been great! Sleep wise, I fall asleep really good but wake up a couple times, but again it’s SO MUCH BETTER than it was before the patches....

CoryLynn F. – 40’s

“I wore the Energy Enhancer patch and oh my gosh, so much movement and detoxing in my lymphatic system!”

Betty H. early 40’s

“The first time I put on X39, a mental focus and clarity came over me within minutes. I was able to get everything done on my To-Do list, even things that had languished on the list for over a year!” “I felt better the first time I wore Nirvana. I’ve worn it a few times and it’s the patch I feel working the most.”

Renee VH late 50’s

“I had severe hip pain from overextending it on a hiking trip. It was a 10 out of 10 pain level and that was with taking anti-inflammatory medicine. I put the X39 on my hip and within 1 day was off the medication, and by day #3, my pain level had dropped to a #1.”

Rainy M. late 50’s

“After 2 days on X39 I was able to quit taking Benedryl for sleep. I now need less sleep, and have plenty of energy for the day. After about 3 weeks I felt more flexible in my neck and shoulders. After 1 month on X39 I added X49, and 3 ½ months later was able to cut my blood pressure medicine in ½. Another month later is at ¼ my original dosage. I’ve also had skin bumps and dry patches disappear from my face.”