About Us

Activate The Stemcells is a company owned and operated by Julie & Knut Dybendahl.

Julie is a native born Australian.  She's a former Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) in Australia where she served
18 years with the police force in New South Wales.  She's an accomplished tennis player, having represented
Australia a number of times as well as having reached the #1 position in the world rankings for her
age group in the International Tennis Federations's (ITF Seniors) rankings.

Knut is born in Norway.  After finishing his military service (Royal Norwegian Air Force) he found his way
into the world of computers.  He left Norway at the age of 25 when he moved to England.  After a stint lasting
6 years, he moved to Australia where he travelled extensively thoughout Asia-Pacific with IT related positions.

He met Julie in Australia in 2003, and they got married a year later before returning back to the UK for 2 years.
After a couple of years, they moved back to Australia where they remained until 2013 when Knut was offered a
contracting gig in Alabama.  A year later they moved to Tallahassee, Florida, where they've been living ever since.

Julie was gearing up to play a tennis tournament when she injured a calf muscle.  After 3 weeks of on/off attempts
to mend the muscle, an acquaintance offered her a patch: "Let's see if this makes any difference."  10 minutes later 
she was walking up the stairs at home with minimal problems… 
And 3 days later she won the finals in the tennis tournament. 
To say she was impressed is an understatement!

Today, they love living on a piece of land just outside Tallahassee, a few miles from Monticello, a rural city in Jefferson
county.  They've got 4 Boykin Spaniels and a few chickens to look after on a daily basis....